Favourite Piano Pieces, Track Listing

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Track listing for the music CD ‘Favourite Piano Pieces’.

Piano music by composers named below and Adrienne Hesketh. Performed by Adrienne Hesketh.  You can purchase this CD by contacting me HERE and arrange payment and postage by email or phone. View ‘Devon Land & Sea’ CD tracks HERE.  Back to main MUSIC page.

1. The Blue Danube by J. Strauss
2. Fantasia in D Minor by W. A.Mozart
3. Fairy Wedding Waltz by J. M. W. Turner
4. Gavotte by Arne
5. Gavotte from Mignon by Ambrose Thomas
6. Haworth by J. H. Rhodes
7. Hornpipes by Cuthbert Harris
8. The House of the Rising Sun, arranged by Adrienne Hesketh
9. Huntsman’s Chorus by Weber
10. Midnight Pipe (Exeter folk dance), by Adrienne Hesketh
11. Romeo and Juliet Waltz by Gournod
12. Devonport Dance by Adrienne Hesketh
13. The Pirates of Penzance by Erik Satie
14. A Wild Rose by MacDowell
15. View of the Exe Estuary by Adrienne Hesketh

Photographs below by Robert Hesketh