Summer music concert

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MUSIC REPERTOIRE: Adrienne Hesketh’s ‘Summer’ Concert 

A performance of talk and music – celebrating famous literary connections in Devon

1. The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss
2. Fairy Wedding Waltz by J. M. W. Turner
3. Romeo and Juliet Waltz by Gournod
Some Flower Poems by Adrienne Hesketh (spoken)
4. Moods of Dartmoor by Adrienne Hesketh
5. Spanish Dance by Adrienne Hesketh
6. Bideford Hornpipe by Adrienne Hesketh
7. Heliotrope Bouquet  by Scott Joplin
Extra: ‘Country Scenes’ on piano.

N.B.  The above musical programme lasts between 45 minutes and one hour. Music can be live on piano or played on CD. I can perform live, on piano if there is one in situ. If a piano is not available, I can perform the programme with my CD player.

Contact me with enquiries, or if you would like to book this Summer Concert presentation
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Bideford Long Bridge, Devon, Summer Evening, photograph by Robert Hesketh